Everyone’s journey in achieving health is different. Although we all know that nutrition and wellness are critical components in reaching this end goal, individual care, support, and encouragement are also vital to success. This is what we offer at Apart │Together in Motion (ATIM).

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Food is more than sustenance. It is the fabric of our cultures, the backdrop of our memories, and the centerpiece of our gatherings. Food is also the cornerstone of our health. The nutrition coaches at ATIM take a whole food approach in identifying meal choices that are accessible, satiating, and satisfying. They provide practical education on nutrition that can be incorporated into everyday living. Strategies that are simple yet effective are cultivated while identifying past barriers to sustained nutritious living. Indulgence in moderation without drastic quick fixes leads to an improved lifestyle. And small changes incorporated over time will lead to positive habits that will persist long after the session is over


Wellness can be overwhelming. Often, we can easily identify the goals we want to achieve, but have difficulty navigating past the obstacles that prevent our success. Our wellness coach sets herself apart by offering insights that stem from a rich education in the field of psychology and behavior change and substantial experience in its successful application. She believes that it is expected that people will have a healthy amount of ambivalence when it comes to changing their lifestyle because as we change, even a change we want, we always leave something behind. Acknowledging this while taking a positive and holistic approach to wellness results in long-term growth and a flourishing life balance. She collaborates with her clients to develop lasting habits and empowering choices that will be sustainable beyond their time working together.


Sandi Della Rocca, Psy.D.

Certified Health Coach

In addition to having her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Counseling and being a Certified Health Coach, Sandi is also Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified and is one of the co-founders and instructors of Apart | Together in Motion. Rather than a focus on nutrition and exercise alone, Sandi believes in taking a holistic approach to wellness including incorporating the emotional, environmental, intellectual and social dimensions of wellness. She works with her clients to set collaborative goals and strategies and uses an active process involving honest exploration, homework and accountability. This collaborative process helps her clients to achieve their larger goals by traveling a successful pathway of small, sustainable changes. These changes create new habits that become seamlessly incorporated into her client’s lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to adopt a new way of being, of creating automatic healthy habits, rather than relying on the constant, and emotionally draining, internal debate over every choice and decision. When not working with her clients or teaching classes, Sandi is spending time with her family and catching up on the latest Apart | Together book club selection.

Marci Resnick

Nutrition Coach

Marci holds a certification as a Nutrition Coach from SCW Fitness and describes herself as a “FIT FOODIE”. Growing up, however, Marci struggled with her weight and with her relationship with food. It wasn’t until college that Marci began working out and eating right and realized that food is not the enemy. Marci takes a very straight forward approach to food and eating and no food is off limits. She believes that it’s important to find the right balance between healthy eating and enjoying life! When Marci is not teaching fitness classes or coaching/ training clients, you’ll find her spending time with her family & pup Tito and cooking nutritious and tasty meals for her friends and family.


When the pandemic hit in 2020 so many members of the fitness and wellness community struggled. We had to redefine what it meant to be a community and we had to evolve to continue to feed our health through physical activity and interpersonal interaction.

Apart, Together in Motion (ATIM) offers personal training and fitness options that can be enjoyed in the safety and comfort of your own home as well as in socially distanced settings.

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